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Gold Country Young Farmers and Ranchers

Young Farmers and Ranchers is a subcommittee of Farm Bureau for people between the ages of 18 and 35 and are involved in banking, business, production and many other areas of the agricultural industry. As you develop your skills and knowledge, your efforts will help Farm Bureau to effectively represent all farmers and ranchers.

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Calaveras Project Competition

Applications are due March 19

Judging begins April 8


The Calaveras Project Competition is a regional competition hosted by Gold Country Young Farmers and Ranchers for students with Ag-related projects, or "proficiencies" to be recognized. This contest is open to any high school student involved in FFA, 4-H, or independent agricultural pursuits.

The competition winner will receive a cash prize and local merchandise

Silver: Local merchandise

Bronze: Local merchandise

To apply, students must do the following: 

1) Keep your project records up to date (FFA members please do this through

2. Submit the application by March 19.  Applications* can be submitted by emailing them to or dropping them off at the Calaveras Fairgrounds.

3. Be available mid-April for an online or in-person interview with local ag professionals from YF&R and other ag members in the community. 

It is recommended that you make a Poster board or slideshow for your project with info and photos.


*Adult Advisors, Leaders, and Supervisors please note that the first application is meant to be filled out by you with the information for all your students. Students please fill out the second and third page of the application.  

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Thanks for submitting!

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